Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Photo Scatter Bomb –Final Strike

168 This is our second game day.  The kids were playing slip-n-slide kickball.  That’s my Davy working the game. 


Here’s a random pic of the maintenance man walkin the trash.


Ok.  This game was, well…whew.  Makes me tired thinking of it.  You had to run the football over to the slip-n-slide then run up the hill.


Then slide down the slip-n-slide with the football.


Then run back to the line.


This is me deciding whether to earn the extra points by participating.  We both did it. 

That’s a big hill, y’all.


This is the questionator.  Or the Question M16.  We decided to answer every 5th.


Here’s another unflattering photo.  Hey, to be fair, that one of me at the game was not at all glamorous.


We had a rough day Thursday.  There was an inflatable obstacle course in the tabernacle.  Our girls wanted to play there, so we had to stick around there, so we suffered through.


See the door at the top of the steps?  That’s our room.  As soon as church was over, we were home.  Everyone else had a trek up a significant hill.  Poor unfortunate souls.

mini bffs

Here are the mini BFFs.  How cute are they?


The groovy couple.  Dave wore his navy dress blue pants.  He also grew his hair out just for 70’s night.  Ha!


Here we are!


We were unseperatable the whole week. 

Maybe we’ll blog more about our week.  Who knows?  All I can say is it was the best week of camp I have ever had.  That is including when I was at camp as a kid.

Pictures can do no justice to the amount of silly giggles we had.

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Mom of Many Messes said...

Thursday at camp on our 'front porch' will truly go down as one of my most favorite memories ever.