Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sunday Afternoons were made for the river


We have spent the last 2 Sunday afternoons at the river. Same river (I think) but different spots on it. This is at a friend’s river house. They had a wave runner & boat. I didn’t pull the camera out until the day was almost done. We were relaxing up on the bank & the kids were jumping off the pier.


Gabe climbed up on that post and did a flip off of it. It’s blurry, but the best one I got (dang shutter delay on the camera).


Here’s the beautiful sunset. I can almost feel the mosquito bites now.

It really was beautiful, though.


Ok. Here’s part 2. Our church picnic was at a campground on the river. One of our church girls brought her puppy and Livy never let that dog alone. It sure was a cutie.


Gabe got in on the puppy swim lessons.


Poor dog would swim to the shore and they’d drag him back out. He seemed not to mind too much. I hope…


He’s making his getaway. Quick, puppy! They’re right behind you.


This is what Davy was doing while they were “teaching” the pup to swim. This boy loves fishing.


Gabe found a dead crab and had to have a picture of it.

We have been busy going places lately. And I really have not a whole lot to say, so you get pics of what we’re up to.

Maybe next you’ll get to see us at Busch Gardens. I’m just glad nobody got pics of the last trip, where I split the seat of my shorts. Luckily it was the end of the day and dark. I made Liv give me her shirt to tuck in my waistband to cover the gaping hole (she was wearing her swimsuit underneath).

That was the breeziest walk back to the car…ever.

What kinds of things are you doing to round out your summer?


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey Jen, thanks for 'following' my blog! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Feel free to get into the conversation anytime. I always enjoy meeting new people. God bless and happy blogging!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Gorgeous photos.....looks like everyone, including your puppy, had a great time!

everydayMOM said...

Those photos are beautiful! What an awesome time!

Can't wait to hear how your school experience goes! I know a lot of people who aren't starting until after Labor Day!