Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well, it’s not meat


This is all that was left after the feeding frenzy died down.

That’s a loaf of french bread that is absolutely scrumptious.

I found the recipe at a lovely blog named Chickens in the Road.

Aaaaand, the recipe is very versatile. Pizza crust, croissants, rolls, all kinds of things you can do with one very easy (and quick) recipe.

We have been avoiding meat for the last 19 days. We have 2 full days left to go. Because I’m not a vegetarian at heart, I’m not that good at meal planning. We had a broccoli/cauliflower/carrots, yellow rice and that love-errrr-ly bread.

So we all filled up on rice & veg and now that little beauty is waiting for me to snack on later. Or have for breakfast. Or cube and toast for croutons. The possibilities are endless. Unless they include me not having any more. That possibility is a big fat zero.

On a totally unrelated side note…have you ever watched a sitcom with your BFF across the miles? We’re watching Community while IM-ing.

I totally recommend it. Belly-laugh therapy. (I totally just made that up!)

Tomorrow’s Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

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