Saturday, March 27, 2010

Firefox, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Google Reader_1269741011724

  1. You’re pretty. With the latest update came the option to customize your header. Is that what it is called? Let’s just go with that, shall we? Look at the pretty colors and flowers. I heart this design.
  2. You make bloggy business easy. OhAmanda did this lovely tutorial on two add ons that make your reader sing. Be sure to CLICK ON THAT LINK, you’ll thank me . But finish reading this first. Better GReader is one that allows you to click on the post right from your reader, and comment there. WITHOUT EVER LEAVING YOUR READER! That’s huge, folks. I comment so much more now, cuz it’s so dang easy. easyComment is an add on that fills in those pesky URL and email forms with one click so that you can comment. Just click that first. I’ve had it wipe out many a brilliant comment when I go to fill the info forms. ~Can you see the photo above? Click on it to get a bigger view. That is my easyComment filling out the form on Friends of Irony, in my reader. I luuuurrrrrrve these two features & use them every day.
  3. Add Ons. I found a screen grab add on that I used to take that photo up there. I’m tech illiterate, so I don’t know if PC offers that option or not. I know it is a standard Mac feature, but I couldn’t find it on my lowly HP. So, you work your way around problems and find handy solutions.
  4. There’s also the New Tab King and FoxTab found here. New Tab King keeps track of your most visited sites and has them handily listed when you open a new tab. FoxTab gives you a screen shot of all open tabs in one place.
  5. This may or may not be a Firefox thing. I use a Swag Bucks toolbar. Not the official one. I recently switched to the Swag Bucks Tricks toolbar. It not only lets you know when codes are available, but helps you find them. Those shop & earn codes are particularly difficult to find, so this has been a great trick. In that toolbar, I put buttons to get to my Word, Calculator, and Media Player. I love having everything just one click away.
  6. I have an email notifier in that toolbar. Not such a big deal. BUT, I have more than one email account linked in there. If you have yahoo, you know you can only be signed into one at at time. I never check the other because of this. Now I can look and see if I need to check that email. This has been kind of a pain, and I'm loving that I can get notified for more than one email account.

I am one to set everything up to my liking and customize the heck out of it, so this is perfect for me. While I was getting the links for this post, I found a few new add ons that I just had to have. I’ll let you know later how they work out.

Do you use Firefox? If not what do you use and what do you love about it?