Monday, March 29, 2010

Guest Blogger

Hi, I’m Pam.  Jen has graciously allowed me to be a guest blogger today. 

Actually I’m supposedly one of the contributing authors but I do believe this is like my fourth apology post since we started this blog.  Obviously Jen shoulders the burden of regular posting.  Another reason I love her so durn much.

So I’m taking a break from writing a 1,000 word essay on Miller’s Death of a Salesman.  I’m not much on ‘tragedy' lit, I prefer my stuff upbeat and happy.  But as far as writing goes, I do think this is a ‘work of art’ for whatever my opinion is worth.  I also saw the below movie version in my high school English class…I still remember.  Sorry if that’s a blurry pic but it’s the version of the play with Dustin Hoffman as Willy Loman.

death salesman

I’ve been spending a lot of time here:

winter 2010 443

That’s my Number 4 running up and down the field.  Her very first organized team sport, she’s loving it!

Last weekend was our annual Girls Princess Tea Party at our church, so immediately following the soccer game my girlies got dressed up and looked like this:

winter 2010 449 

And last but not least we have five new *temporary* additions to our household. Introducing Cookie’s Crumbs.  (And yes, there are six in the picture but my poor little runt didn’t make it through the night.)  They’ll be ready for adoption in about five to six more weeks, want one? 

puppies 007

And last of all…it’s SPRING around here y’all!  Of course it’s a rainy kind of spring so far but rumor has it, we’ll be seeing some 80s by midweek—WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!

Happy Spring!