Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What they died for ~LOST


I’m late getting this up.  But I have good reasons.  Shopping with my daughter, going to lunch with Livy & my father in law, making dinner.  You know, essentials.  Well, dinner is one, but …anyway.

I missed the episode last night but watched online this morning.  And WOW.

This is in no sensible order.  Just spit out as it hit my brain.  Welcome to my world.

Spoilers will start here!

  • I’m not liking Jacob more and more.  I know this makes no sense.  Maybe the writers had to make him sort of unlikable so we wouldn’t be upset when his fire ended.    
  • By the same token, I don’t like Jack following blindly without a whole lot of information, and no hope of getting any (with the whole fire going out thing.)
  • Does this mean I’m Team Smokey?  Not really.  I’m not aligning myself with either camp.  I’m the Switzerland of the LOST island.
  • Desmond is making me like him less as well.  The hit & run fighting Desmond, that is.  Are they trying to make most of the characters annoying?
  • Well, maybe not most.  Hurley, Sawyer, Miles, Richard, heck…even Ben are likable (with the exception of the bloodthirsty version on island.)
  • LA Ben getting friendly with Rousseau.  I like the pairing.  Alex seems a little too perfect to me.  Am I just jaded by this show.  Unhappy with everyone?  Maybe I’m in a funk over the show ending.  Coping mechanism…if you don’t like the characters, you won’t miss them when they are no more.  (Haha!!)
  • Charles Widmore really should have known better than to trust Ben.  We know enough about the man to know we never know what he’s gonna do.  He even surprised ole Smokey.
  • We haven’t seen Island Desmond yet.  Who let him out?  Did our Losties do it while Hurley was chasing Jacob.  That was, what, like 2 minutes?  That’s some quick shimmying up the rope.  To be fair, all they had to do is throw down a rope.  Whatev.
  • It was so nice to see an alive and in one piece Sayid.
  • Jacob mumbling incomprehensible (Latin?) chants over a cup of water would NOT induce me to drink it.  Just sayin’.
  • “As long as you can.”  AND JACK STILL DRANK!!!  Not me.  I’m not willing to commit my eternity.  Hypothetically.  Because obviously, as a Christian, I’m HOPING to commit my eternity.  You know what I mean.
  • Sorry.  I wasn’t dismayed to see Zoe go.  That chicka just rubbed me the wrong way.  For that matter, Widmore either.
  • I just remembered this.  I should have written this 2 weeks ago.  Sawyer now knows exactly how Jack felt after Juliet died when a decision he made went wrong.  That was pretty poetic to me.

Well, that’s all I have, folks.  I am really conflicted about the finale.  I won’t be with any other fans.  My hubs will be at home, I’m here in Kingsport.  Friends are having a party in Roanoke and I’ll be watching…alone.  Although.  There won’t be chatter to shush while I try to catch every moment.

What are your thoughts on this episode? 

More importantly, do you have a finale party to go to?


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