Saturday, June 5, 2010

I haven’t really fallen off the face of the earth.

It just feels like it.  And by the feel of it, I landed pretty hard.

I hate that I haven’t updated in *ahem* … quite a while.  I’m sorry.  I do still love this place and all of you.  I just have been spinning like a top.

Let me give you an example.  I did not even touch my computer for 5 days!  STRAIGHT!!!

You know.  I know you do.  It has to be major for us not to just check our Facebook really quick.

I worked 3 12 hour shifts this week.  I’d get home at around 7:30, eat a lovely meal that was prepared by my father in law, try my darndest to appear alert as the kids were telling me about their day, then crash and let them deal with their own bedtime.

Pitiful.  I know.  But, y’all.  5 Am comes super duper early. 

I will try to post some of the positives that I’ve noticed thus far in my working mom journey.  At some point.  But for now, I’ll leave  you with this. 

If you grow up in South Carolina with a hick southern accent and lose it (somewhat) because you marry a person of Higher Than Mason Dixon Line upbringing, you could very likely slip right back into that twang dialect if you are around people who speak the Country Vernacular.  (BTW, that’s pronounced Cuuhhhhn-treee.)

Don’t say I never gave you helpful advice.

OH OH OH!!!  I almost forgot to tell you.  I was hired into a PRN position, which means that I work as I’m needed with no benefit package.  But I just found out that I’m getting moved into part time.  This guarantees me 2 shifts a week AND I’ll get benefited. (My mother in law is a mover and shaker is all I’m saying.)

So YAAAAY for me & my family!  First time we’ll have insurance in lots of years.