Sunday, September 18, 2011

Got me a job of work

Howdy.  It seemed fitting to say howdy after that title.  I know, Pam, that it isn't even in the same ballpark with correct, but I'm taking creative license.  I like it.

On to the details.  Onward, I say!

I'm here at the ole' in-laws' house, getting ready to paint. 
The.  Entire.  House.
You read that right. 
11 rooms, and my sanity should be done (fingers, toes, & legs crossed) by the weekend.
Oh.  Did I mention ceilings? 
Yep, them too.
These are NOT the colors.  My mother in law is not opening a day care.  Or a Bordello. 

So, I'm going to be a busy beaver this week, and probably will need some stock in Icy Hot.
My weakling arms are trembling in fear.

But, they're paying me to do it.  The in-laws, not my arms.  They don't have any money, that I am aware of.

So.  I'm really not complaining.  I'm thankful for this chance to earn a bit of money.

Y'all, just say a prayer for my pitiful muscles this week, if you think about it, ok?

Much appreciated.

So, what do you have up your sleeves for this week?