Friday, September 16, 2011

TILT - Nags Head Hammocks


Well, this here summer of 2011, she has been a hot one.  Now, I know we Central Virginia folk have absolutely nothing to complain about, considering the devastating heat and drought conditions in Texas and other southern parts of the good ole U. S. of A.   I happen to adore the 90+ temps when I'm being forced daily to spend hours poolside with the children.  Although, this summer we had a week or two of temps over 100 which made the pool feel like bathwater.  Very warm bathwater, bleech.

But this week we've been teased with autumnal breezes, no humidity, and temps in the 60s and 70s.  Which, now that my pool-sitting days are over, makes me very happy. This also makes me want to spend more time outside.  I mean, not that I usually spend lots of time out there in "the outside" with the bugs and the nature, but still more time.  And if I'm going to be out in the great outdoors, I'd just as soon be out there kicked back on a hammock.  Preferably with a book, a pillow, and either a cold Mt. Dew or a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate (maybe with coconut creamer and a dollop of whipped cream? Not that I've done that before...)


{Here's our little backyard oasis.  Oasis?  Okay, that might be a little steep because it's a exactly what it looks like in this picture.  A hammock, two chairs, my little side table (for beverages), and a rustic fire pit.  AKA the hole in the ground where there was a stump, but now where my hubby makes the occasional campfire.}


We bought this hammock almost seven years ago from Nags Head Hammocks.  We have been so pleased with it!  Its excellent quality has really stood the test of time.  You can see the nice patina we've worn on the finish, which is actually not bad for seven years with four kids, two adults, several dogs, plus countless (and I really mean that) cousins and friends who have thoroughly enjoyed it!  The kids use it as a swing, sometimes piling three or four on the hammock sideways and swinging them until they feel like they're going to fall out.  (Probably not a good choice...but fun.)  It's been twisted and turned every which way but loose.  Seriously, it's never fallen and not one of the sections is broken or even frayed!




And that's why my Nags Head hammock is a Thing I Love!

And here's a random picture of a mushroom in the backyard.  Bonus. You're welcome.



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I remain, yours truly, desperately attempting to jump back into the blogging world,