Monday, April 9, 2012

Make a purse a camera bag. Do it!

I got my dream camera shortly before Christmas. For Christmas, my sis gave me a camera bag. It has served me quite well. No broken cameras here, thank you very much.

But yesterday, I ordered a new lens, and the current bag won’t have room for both. I’ve been planning for this. Who gets a dslr and keeps the kit lens?  Not this gal!

Anyway, bags ain’t cheap, so I started researching. I pinned this blog post. She fitted a purse out with pads to create a cute, stylish, not boring black camera bag. 

You’ve figured out by now that I think I can make anything, right? Well, most of the time, I can. I do a trial and error thing that probably takes twice as long, but gets it done.

Ok.  To the photos.


I started out trying to sew the velcro onto the fabric, but my machine was stubborn. So next best thing. Glue gun!

Except you sometimes burn your fingers._DSC0714

When that happens, you put toothpaste on them to remove the pain.  Let it sit for an hour or two, it really helps. Sounds weird, I know. Just trust me.

I made 3 pads for the bag, and 4 pads that I can switch around to fit lenses, camera, and other goodies.


See how the pads are velcroed in? I can change them around. I made an extra one too.

Here are my fingers the next day. Blistered like crazy, but not hurting._DSC0754

Healing nicely, thank you. I’ve never had a burn from a glue gun that bad before.

Oh.  Here’s a pic of my camera in my bag. I’m so excited about it!!!purse

The only down side, I look like I’m carrying two purses. I’ll have to throw my wallet and phone in here when I don’t want to look like a crazy bag lady.

I just wanted to show off my new duds, not really do a tutorial. I thought about it, but kept forgetting to get photos of every step.

I used 1/2 inch foam that I got from Hobby Lobby, and two different fabrics that I got from Wal Mart.  Yes, ours still sells fabric. 

Full disclosure: this is another blog post that I’ll be pinning from.  Just so you know!

You making anything fun? Do share!