Saturday, October 27, 2012

Love me matte-ly.

Remember when I posted about my fave base coat?
Well, this is my second favorite nail polish product.
O I love this stuff.

I kept seeing matte polish on Pinterest and wondered where I could find it. (I am NOT willing to shell out close to $10 for Essy, and nobody carries thier matte coat anyway.)

One day, walking through the Walmart makeup aisles, the Hard Candy sang to me. It was right at eye level, and said, "Jeeeeeenn. Come get me."

You have to listen to singing nail polish. So I did.

Then, more recently, I saw the NYC.

I think they're pretty comparable. The NYC leaves a bit of a smoother finish. And the finish. Feels. Like Buttah.

I have a strategy for my matte. I incorporate it into my chip repair; my 'let's not repaint for a few more days' routine.

When I get a chip, (ususally from washing dishes WITH MY HANDS LIKE A PEASANT. (I feel like I've told you this before.)) I do a quick fix, complete with a new coat of 3 min. Then all the nails get this matte coat. It smoothes out just about any bumps, ridges, fixes, etc.

The best part? These both go for around $3.

I love it.

I haven't had my nails painted in a few days, and I'm feeling weird. Going to fix this now.

Happy polishing!


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