Monday, October 29, 2012

Milkshake brings the girl to the CookOut

We just got a Cook Out in our town.

O Boy! My hips aren't going to love it, buy my tastebuds sure do.

They have every milkshake flavor you can imagine.

I got a Pineapple tonight.


I've been editing pics today.
Amazing, that you never seem to be satisfied with them. Just have to stop and move on. It can get a bit hairy.

But that pineapple milkshake sure helped.

OH OH!!! The kids have a 2 hour delay tomorrow! Yay us! We get to sleep longer! That is serious cause for celebration!

Well, back to Lightroom I go, slurping all the while.

Saying a prayer for the Northeast tonight. Lord keep them safe.


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