Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Seven for Sandy - Part I

Here's where I usually apologize for being a bad blogger, but let's be honest we all know that now so I will just jump right in with a list. (And in order to milk it for all its worth, I am splitting it into two parts!)

1) Last week I started another class, bringing me to full-time student status.  I'm a bit overwhelmed, but it's all good.  When I'm overwhelmed, I seem to shut down on the "regular"stuff as well as completely obsess on things completely unrelated.  How's that for a coping skill?  I'll tell you how it is, not very effective. 

2) We got some wind and rain from Sandy.  Thankfully nothing as severe as they were predicting for our neck of the woods (Central Virginia).  We kept power the whole time (very unusual) and only lost internet for about 14-16 hours.  

3) My kids got an extra two days off school compliments of Sandy.  They were out last Friday for a teacher workday, Monday and Tuesday for the storm.  They will be out next Monday/Tuesday for a teacher workday/election.  Thankfully, hubby understood my plea for help (demands from a crazy woman), and we met him in town for dinner tonight.

4) I have a hair appointment on Saturday.  I've been rocking a straight bob for over a year now (rocking..snicker).  Here's what I'm thinking ---->
(Tried to find original location but it was from a pin.  No luck.)

I'll post Part 2 later this week!



the J in PJs Til Noon said...

I LOVE that do! So cute! It will be fabulous on that head you're cramming full of knowledge.
Gotta have ginormous earrings to go with it. Bonus!

The P in PJs til Noon said...

You know I have plenty of ginormous earrings already in stock. I picked out about 5 other hair options, but I kept coming back to this one!