Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Seven for Sandy - Part 2

Part Two of my list!  (Part 1 is here.)

5)  I'm starting to make a Christmas list.  Seriously thinking of buying my kids an ipad Mini to share.  But hubby thinks it will just cause more fights.  Any thoughts on sharing gifts?  (They are 17, 15, 12, 8.)  They honestly "need" nothing.  Trying to find a gift that will be used all year long and not just more wasted money!

6) My hubby and the eldest are going to Colombia on a mission's trip in November.  They will be gone for Thanksgiving.  I am sad.  And worried.  Sending two parts of my heart out of the country...on a holiday :(.

7) I ordered my camera.  Decided to stick with entry level DSLR, Canon Rebel T3.  It shipped out last Saturday and should be here later this week, early next week.  Of course, it also shipped from New Jersey so....yeah.

All righty, well, there's two whole days of posting.  Big hugs to the BFF, she truly carries PJs til Noon!  And, no, you can't have her.  She's mine.  I will let you read her blog posts, but that's it.  


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