Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Skipping social events in favor of quiet home time

You could probably guess that I fall into the introvert spectrum. The reading, the staying in jammies til noon, the love of all things quiet. I have known for a long time that I am not as outgoing as my very extroverted husband, I just never thought about myself as an introvert.

I’m in.  All the way.

I just read Quiet by Susan Cain. Oh so good. I learned that the reason I need a nap on Sunday afternoon is that social situations are physically draining for us innies. It’s SCIENCE! I have science on my nap loving side.

I also learned that innies pathways for dopamine are much more constricted than extroverts’. Which explains why very loud situations full of strangers are overwhelming. Extroverts have wide open pathways, can’t get enough. The louder, the more the merrier. Literally.

I’m taking a stand. I’m refusing to add more and more social activities to my agenda just because people think I need to “get out more.” I really don’t.

And I'm not alone in my need for alone time. Hop over to this post on introverts by Jon Acuff at Stuff Christians Like and read the comments.

If you’re worrying that I’ll become a hermit (very tempting, I must say) don’t. My hubs would never allow me to hole away from society. So I think that we have a good, healthy balance. I make him stay home and chill, he makes me go do stuff.

But, sometimes, what keeps me sane is knowing that I don’t have to say yes to every single thing I’m invited to just because I’m invited.

Not terribly depthless, but it’s what was on my mind tonight.

Where do you fall on the map? Innie or Exie? What are your tips and tools for navigating between the two worlds?

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