Saturday, October 13, 2012

WARNING: Rant ahead! Also: My house if FULL of Angel Orbs! Yay!!!

My sister showed me a photo on her Facebook feed today. It is a lovely photo of kids worshipping at night in Tanzania. In case you didn’t know, Africa is a dusty place. There are dust motes captured floating above the children. Someone used a flash.
Someone (not my sister) commented on the photo. “Look at all the Angel Orbs!”

Y’all, she was serious.

Jada and I had a good laugh, then I Googled.


THIS IS A THING! People actually believe that dust reflecting light back to the lens are angels taking spherical form.

There are Celtic, Christian, even New Age Angel Orb websites. There are all kinds of websites de-bunking Angel Orbs. There’s even a Christian website, ranting about Christians “attacking” other Christians’ belief in this phenomena. They then go on to give detailed directions about how to capture Angel Orbs via camera. You must have a flash.

I decided that this is so silly, that I have to participate and add my very own Angel Orb documentation to the Cyber World.

I had my sister beat an old sofa that came from my grandmother’s house, and I snapped away with a point and shoot. (Apparently, the closer the flash to the lens, the better. It also seems to help to have a dark background.)

So. I give you. The Angel Orbs of My Childhood Home!
It really is dust

While we were talking about this dumb theory, my mother, who has been to Africa, said “Angels ended up all over my clothes, shoes, everything, the entire time we were there.” I love that lady!

Now if you don’t consider this an Unnecessary Necessity, I honestly don’t know how to please you.

Enjoy your Silly Saturday!
To see more, click the photo.

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The P in PJs til Noon said...

Your mom is awesome. In that case I'm truly entertaining angels unaware every day of my little old life ;).