Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Winning at Pinning

I read a very good blog post today by Jessica Turner at The Mom Creative. 10 Tips for Using Pinterest Well.

Got me thinking.

One of the tips is to have specific boards. Crazy willy-nilly boards don't attract as many followers as pinpointed ones. (Is that a word?)
If you've been pinning for any length of time, you know it can be so easy to just dump pins in a very broad category.
I am working on making my boards more me-friendly.

I have one board that has 677 pins! 677! And that's AFTER I went through and removed right at 100 to a new board.
If you're curious, it was my "I want to make it" board. But I changed the name. Too vague. Now it's all about fabric, or textiles, rather. I left crochet and knitting in there. Hmm. Maybe I should name it The Softer Side of Life, or some other spiffy title.
I'm still working on that one. I have to pull out paper projects. They'll go in my Dunder Mifflin board. I can't express to you how much I love that name for that board.
I have yet to pull out all homey projects that don't involve textile.
I still have a lot of work.


Learn from me.
Have specific boards. Don't dump.
It will make things much easier to find later on when you, you know, actually USE the pin to do something.

Did you know that you can get to the bottom of a page? I had no idea. I have so many pins in that board, I had to click "Get more pins." I could feel Pinterest judging me.

Well. I feel productive. I accomplished something that matters to no one else on the planet but me.
Great way to spend a morning in my pjs.

Oh! If you just crawled from under your rock ;) and need an invitation to Pinterest, please leave me a comment with your email and I'll invite you STAT! (Yes, it's that important.)

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