Monday, April 26, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday ~ Goin Back to Work Edition


I am looking at going back to work after 14 years as a SAHM.  My kids are bigger, they don’t need me every second of the day, we could REALLY use the money and it just makes sense.  BTW, don’t you just love my pic?  Cuz, you know, I’ll be bringing home the… you get it, I won’t insult you.

I’ve been looking for a job, and my mother in law has lined up a pretty sweet full time position for me, starting pretty soon.

Here’s the Top Ten issues/fears I have about working again.

  1. I will be tired.  I know it will take an adjustment period for me to get used to getting up super early and being super busy all day.
  2. I won’t have any free/me time to speak of.  It’s ok.  I just know that as soon as I get home, the kids/hubs will need something and I’ll have to be much more deliberate about carving out this time when I can.
  3. I’ll have to wear makeup every day.  Ugh.
  4. I will hate that alarm clock.  Guaranteed.
  5. I worry about what the weekend will look like.  I know I’ll want to sleep in, but also want to get out and do something fun, but I have a feeling it will be a grocery day.
  6. I love cooking from scratch, but I think that will be a little more difficult trying to pull together dinner after work.  Bye bye homemade bread.  (Maybe not.  Hope not.)
  7. I’ll have to build up my immune system.  Working in a hospital may mean being sick.  A lot.  Just like teachers.  That first year is rough.
  8. I foresee my coffee consumption at least doubling.  Maybe triple?  I usually have 1-2 cups. 
  9. I am looking forward to getting to know some new people.
  10. Plus, did I mention the $?  It won’t be rockstar pay, but I’m pretty lucky to find something right now, when nobody’s hiring and I haven’t worked in over a decade.

All you working moms, have any tips for me?  As you can tell, I’m a little … concerned.  And you SAHMs, enjoy it!!!  It’s wonderful, and I am thankful that I had all these years to spend with my children. But it is time.  So here I go! 

*This post could be way premature.  It’s just what’s on my mind.  This job is not set in stone, but looking more and more likely.  It’s not tomorrow, but it could be pretty soon.  I’ll definitely let you know when I know for sure!

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